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Scooby-Doo Who Are You?

Scooby-Doo and the Mysterious Map

Scooby-Doo Makes a Splash

Scooby-Doo Finds a Clue

Scooby-Doo and the Pizza Prowler

Penny Paperheart

Penny Paperheart Pet Shop

Penny Paperheart Play Date

Penny Paperheart Sweet Shop

Penny Paperheart Toy Shop

Penny Paperheart Dress Shop



Hallmark was approached by Warner Bros. about developing a series of Story Buddy books around Scooby Doo with a release around Halloween the next year. Story Buddies are educational techno-plush dolls that Hallmark first patented with Jingle, the Husky Pup. The idea is simple- a child reads a book sold with a plush. The plush has a receiver that recognizes when certain phrases are read and responds to the cue by playing a recorded sound. In Jingle’s case, it was always a simple bark. In Scooby’s case, it was to be far more complex. Working with the editor for books and under a very tight deadline (5 days), I first had to write the 24 trigger phrases that the receptor could understand and respond to. I then had to write 3 different responses to those cues in Scooby’s voice. These would be permanently embedded in the actual techno-plush and would have to be implemented in the first three books with the possibility of future books if the program is successful. This was a bit like creating a puzzle and then having to solve it. I wrote the trigger phrases, the responses, and the first draft of all three books in 72 hours. WB loved them, but had hoped the first book would be an origin story of how Scooby met the Mystery Gand and how Scooby got his name. This was a subject WB had never covered in the character’s history. This would’ve also been good information to know before I put pen to paper. I came back 24 hours later with the first book, Scooby Doo, Who are You?.  WB approved the story along with my other two books in the series, Scooby Doo and the Mysterious Map and Scooby Doo Makes a Splash. This product became our top-selling Story Buddy and is now in mass markets everywhere across the country. Because the program was so successful a fourth book was added to the offering, Scooby Doo Finds a Clue which is sold with an inspector’s cap sized to fit the plush. WB has also implemented the strategy to include at least one of my trigger phrases in each of their new animations so that children watching can hear their Scooby Story Buddy respond to the TV. This was also the first set to be sold with a CD for children too young to read. It is narrated by the actor who voices Fred on the cartoons. There is also a popular mobile app. for this Story Buddy that supplies games and other interactions to enhance this Dr. Toy Award Winning Product.

Here are the images and a little video.

Scooby2 Scooby3  Scooby5 Scooby6 Scooby7



Penny Paperheart Title

Penny Paperheart™ is a character I created with an illustrator friend nearly 5 years ago but it only appeared in the marketplace in the Fall of 2014 in the form of a deluxe play set, four smaller play sets, and a book. Each play set featured a booklet containing a short verse narrative introducing Penny and her friends. In addition to the initial play sets, there were limited offerings of holiday play sets for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

This is a short animation featuring the first bit of verse I created to introduce Penny to the world.

Penny Paperheart  Penny-Paperheart-dress-shop-KID3282 Penny-Paperheart-glory-KID3281 Penny-Paperheart-pet-store-KID3283 Penny-Paperheart-playdate-KID3284 Penny-Paperheart-playset-KID3281 Penny-Paperheart-toy-store-XKT2426 Penny-Paperheart-XKT2426-Glory PennyPaperHeart_holidaySet1

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