Licensed properties present the challenge of landing on the voice of the property while being economical with the copy. Many licensed properties are focused on juvenile recipients/consumers and therefore must be simple in language, affirming, and often conceptual and interactive while playing into the aspirational/inspirational essence of the property. These are examples of how I’ve addressed some of these challenges:

Seuss 1Seuss2


810  Seuss3



Every now and then I received a request to “subvert” a child property for adult humor. Here’s an example of such a request.



Kim Anderson is a licensor we work with often. Their photography usually features children in vintage or adult wardrobe with splashes of color over black & white. It’s not my “cup-of-tea” but consumers love these cards. Editorially, the copy is short, sweet, feminine, and slightly attitudinal.

KimAnderson1 (inside) So is having a friend like you.

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