Below are links to interviews I’ve given in regard to my work as a writer and editorial director.


Interview with Selena Simmons-Duffins

National Public Radio- February 14th, 2011

Click HERE


logo-heraldsun-701185Interview with Danielle Cahill about Valentine’s Day

Herald Sun – Australia – February 14th, 2011

Click HERE


Interview with Craig Hlavaty about my book,

How to Move to Canada, A Discontented American’s Guide to Canadian Relocation

Houston Chronicle – September 23, 2016

Click HERE


Interview with Charles Ferruzza

The Pitch– November 3rd, 2010

Click HERE


Interview with Reuters

April 21st, 2008

Click HERE


Interview with John Long

Camp Kansas City- July 4th, 2013

Click HERE


Interview with Anne Brockhoff

The Seattle Times– May 28th, 2010

Click HERE

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