Pandemic Response Copywriting

As part of the extraordinary team at Red Six Media, I have been honored to help our clients make genuine connections with their audiences to lift their spirits and confidence during this ambiguous time. It’s truly been a remarkable time of empathy and kindness and I’m very proud of the work.

Dow Chemical

Our client, Dow Chemical, responded to the pandemic by providing assistance where it was needed. The challenge was how to craft these into a story that fit with Dow’s new style guide and tagline—Seek Together™.

Red Six Media Blog

To offer a bit of industry insight that addresses the shift in our clients’ needs during the pandemic crisis, I shared some thoughts which other copywriters, businesses and agencies might find useful in developing their messaging as we move into a new normal. To read the full blog post, CLICK HERE

Panda Andre

ExxonMobil Baton Rouge

For 110 years ExxonMobil has been the largest manufacturing employer in Louisiana with one-in-ten jobs traced directly to the company. I wanted to craft a message that a) Acknowledged the current situation b) Reminded the audience that they have been through tough times before c) Reassure the audience that ExxonMobil is not going anywhere and together, we’re all going to be okay.

Party Time Baton Rouge

What does a mom-owned and operated party supply store do when for the first time in over 40 years of operation, they cannot open their doors to customers for nearly two months? They can remind their audience that there’s still so much to celebrate.

19 Thanks Louisiana

In three weeks, I worked with my agency to develop the event concept, the branding and the social media outreach to create a statewide celebration of Louisiana’s essential workers. A virtual Second Line to Thank Our Front Line culminated with a 30-minute video played on May 19 at 19:00 (7:00PM). Louisiana musicians, celebrities, athletes, leaders and businesses all contributed self-produced videos and renditions of Louisiana’s unofficial anthem—When the Saints Go Marching In. This song was chosen because it crosses the line between the sacred and the secular. It is a hymn but also a rallying cry. It recognizes the Saints of Louisiana’s cities and streets who went Marching In each day to keep Louisiana Marching On. With over 50 video submissions, the end result was magical and quintessential Louisiana.


Broadcast Commercial


Red Stick Together-

Red Six Media in Conjunction with Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Our team originated the concept of the program, created the design, messaging, website identified local vendors and secured a strong community partner to distribute funds generated by the sale of “Red Stick Together” branded merchandise for local COVID-19 emergency relief. Within the first week we were able to launch. Visit the website at 

Red Stick Together

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