Randy Skach

Randy Skach – multimedia Designer of 6 years for Hallmark 

“Andre Du Broc has remained among my most favorite people I have had the pleasure of working with. No matter if he is heading up an editorial strategy for an elaborate product line, or doing voice and vocal work for Hallmark product Andre has always gone above and beyond to insure that the project at hand is given the attention it needs to succeed. Andre’s mind for innovation and market awareness developed some of the most interesting products that I worked on as a multimedia designer with Hallmark. One of his greatest strengths however, lies in his ways with words. His quick wit is even sharper in written form but he also has the innate ability convey the perfect sentiments that everyone can relate to. I highly recommend Andre if for no other reason than he is a fantastic person who deeply cares about his work.” 

Andrea Brookhardt

 Andrea Brookhart – multimedia designer/animator of 16 years at Hallmark

“I know Andre Du Broc as someone who is curious, fair-minded, and fierce. Not curious like wandering aimlessly, or fair-minded like indecisive. And certainly not fierce like mean. I mean fierce like committed to working and playing with passion and good humor. Andre looks at more than one side of every project (really quickly, because that’s how his mind works) because he knows creativity comes from synthesizing disparate elements. And although many people do this kind of analysis in their minds only, Andre has the talent of vocalizing this in a group setting. He asks questions of both himself and others in an attempt to find answers and look for new approaches. He is a natural leader, and his innate curiosity allows lots of points of view to be appreciated.
I know this because, while at Hallmark, I sat in meetings with him at HERE meetings, over which he presided. I participated in multiple brainstorm sessions with him when he was invited to create ideas with the Multimedia studio, where I worked as animator for 16 years. And while on rotation in The Writing Collaboratory, I often had the pleasure of seeing him make a roomful of people laugh with his spontaneous one-liners. He does that all the time, wherever he is. So it’s easy to recommend Andre for anything he might want to do. He brings wit, conviction, curiosity, and big-heartedness to every job he takes on.”

Jim Sneegas

 Jim Sneegas – creative manager and writer of 12 years at Hallmark

“Where do I start? Andre du Broc is simply the best at what he does. I had the privilege of managing Andre in the Collaboratory at Hallmark, an interdisciplinary innovation studio of the best-of-the-best writers, artists, musicians, editors, (and engineers and designers as needed). While at the studio, Andre provided his significant range of skills in writing, editing, ideation, music compositions/performance, and voice work for virtually all product lines. He was capable of handling multiple project responsibilities simultaneously and producing fantastic results against strict deadlines. Throughout this process, Andre remained an excellent team collaborator, was very responsive to requests for changes, and consistently remained highly requested by multiple product areas of Hallmark. At any one time, Andre was doing the work of several creative people at Hallmark while maintaining high quality standards. By doing all this he made my job much easier, which is why I give him my highest possible recommendation.” 

Nicole Price

Nicole Price – leadership development consultant of 3 years at Hallmark

Andre du Broc thinks critically about the world and brings those insights to life in ways that move things forward.”

Suzanne Heins

Suzanne Heins – writer of 29 years at Hallmark

André is a man of many (And I mean MANY. I’m so envious.) talents, and also drive and perseverance. No matter what the job is, he does it and does it thoroughly and enthusiastically (But not in an annoying way.). He becomes indispensable no matter what department he works in or company he’s employed with. Plus, he’s one of the most likeable and personable coworkers anyone could ever ask for. He learns new technologies quickly, and you could move him from his current position at your company to another and it’d be like, “Wait, what? It’s like he has worked in that department forever!” That’s how fast he learns things. He also sees when gaps in other departments need to be dealt with, and doesn’t hesitate to volunteer to fill in for someone in that other department before you’d even ask him to. And in a blink of an eye, he’d be an efficient pro at whatever he was doing. There’s no one more versatile than André. He’s also one of the most quick-witted and funny people I’ve ever met, yet his humor is combined with a kind and generous heart. In a new company, he would probably know everyone’s name by the end of the first day and his co-workers would be battling for time to have coffee or lunch with him. His friendliness is not slick. It’s sincere. He also creates opportunities for his co-workers to shine at their careers as well as his own. Probably what would be the most important thing for anyone hiring him to know is that you’d get far more than your money’s worth if you chose André for a position. He’d probably make more than four times his salary for your company very quickly. Of course, I may sound like one of André’s best friends giving him this rave review that’s like some puff piece about a celebrity. Hey, I wish I WERE one of André’s best friends. I’m just a coworker who has seen him start at Hallmark as an admin and rise to his current position as a highly coveted writer and editorial director (and whatever the other titles are he holds by now. I think there are so many, I’ve lost track.). He has risen not by ruthless ambition, making enemies and always looking at what he could do to “climb the ladder,” but by talent, hard work, and dedication, all the while exuding the kind of bonhomie you can’t fake, whether it was towards the maintenance workers in his department, or towards the highest ranking manager on his floor. And yet, he does “climb the ladder,” but he’s the rare person that gives that phrase a good name. He has all the ambition of Sammy Glick, none of the ruthlessness, yet still he succeeds in big ways. He doesn’t forget the people he’s worked with as he’s gone up through the ranks at Hallmark. I wish I had his energy and passion not only for work, but for the nonprofit causes close to his heart. Whoever you are, in whatever company you are, whatever position you’re looking to fill, if you fill it with André, you’ll feel very lucky. And YOU’LL probably get a promotion for your very wise decision.” 

Jim Howard

Jim Howard – master writer of 27 years at Hallmark

André is one of those people you want on a team, because he makes work fun, which almost always results in better work. He’s also a remarkable musician, which informs his sense of language and culture. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat—which reminds me, he’s also good-hearted. Generous, risk-taking, willing to put himself out there and be exactly who he is. Also, he has diacritical punctuation and “du” in his name. André du Broc. You can’t go wrong.”  

Alarie Tennille

 Alarie Tennille – master writer and editor of 28 years at Hallmark

André Du Broc is a Renaissance man: writer, editor, musician, actor, director, baker, comedian, and anything else he decides to do. On top of doing all those things very, very well, he manages to hold on to humility and be thoroughly delightful to work with. He is creative and original, but perhaps being a people person is his best skill of all. “

Ken HAgenback

Ken Hagenback – creative technology manager of 20 years at Hallmark

André has a wide range of talents, a great work ethic and unsurpassed dedication to any project in which he is involved. He is enthusiastic, sincere, honest, hardworking, and able to take on multiple, very diverse assignments at one time seemingly with ease.”

Eric Disney

Eric Disney – master illustrator of 38 years at Hallmark

“Throw your hat into the ring and Andre will pick it up, put it on, and wear it with finesse and expertise. Andre is seriously one of the most versatile and prolific creative souls that I have encountered in my career at Hallmark. From the down and dirty hands-on product development, to high level creative problem solving, Andre can do it all–and do it well.” 

Susan Robel

 Susan Robel – associate product manager of 5 years at Hallmark

 “Andre and I had the opportunity to work together both on the UNICEF and Innovation teams at Hallmark. Andre is an extremely talented writer, which is just one of his many talents. As a business partner, he is easy to work, always respecting and appreciating the talents of those on his team. Andre is enthusiastic, energetic, positive, warm, funny, innovative and always produces end results that are the product of top notch creative leadership and editorial direction. As a marketer working with Andre, his creative insights and contributions were always a key part of the wins we shared as team members. Andre truly elevated the team with his talent, his understanding of the business as a whole, and his relationships with those he partnered with each day.” 

Kaboom Schneider

  Kaboom J. Schneider – licensing writer/designer of 8 years at Hallmark

“I was always thrilled when I could work with Andre as he was someone who got it. He was always encouraging and open to brainstorming ideas and worked well with designers and other writers, which is oddly rare but that makes him all the more special. Andre definitely brings great innovative ideas to the table and welcomes the back and forth of ideas that create winning product. A real team player!”

John Keeling

John Keeling – creative director of 9 years at Hallmark

Andre is a remarkably talented guy who I’m privileged to call “friend.” His editorial expertise is solid, but he brings so much more to the table. He truly has one of the best senses of humor I’ve ever encountered. His ability to turn a phrase is unparalleled, and his wit is always intriguing, sometimes wicked. That said, he’s also one of the most generous people I know. Oh yeah, and he bakes a really mean cookie!”

Zori Rodriguez

Zori Rodriguez – C.E.O of 6 years at SAVE Inc.

Andre du Broc is a creative genius with a huge heart! He not only sees the world in vivid colors, but he also colors outside the lines, all while making sure that even those most disenfranchised in our community are included in all his artistic endeavors!”

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