Branding & Rebranding

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with four clients in need of a new brand and messaging strategy. Finding the right tag-line that works well with a new logo is always a challenge. A company’s brand is very personal. It is the first and last impression a business can make and leave behind. Three words may be the end product of hours of research and analytics, but when they are the right three words, it’s worth the effort. Very proud to have collaborated with the amazing and talented team at Red Six Media to deliver such excellence in messaging and design solutions.


I had to learn a great deal about the construction surety bond and insurance market. Thought our design team did an amazing job with the logo. Had to create a tag-line that was just effective once harmonized in Spanish.






Louisiana State University’s campus newspaper. With print media losing its relevance with younger consumers, LSU’s school of journalism reached out for a new look and messaging strategy.


Reveille old


Reveille Bus Ad-1-01


A parade in its second year turned to my team as its media sponsor to create their annual poster. When asked to come up with a Tag-Line, I inadvertently came up with the theme for the annual parade.



Working with a family-owned business with limited funds but big dreams was an honor. The branding and messaging work I did in collaboration with the Red Six Media team helped take their business to a whole new level attracting substantial investors within weeks of the new brand’s unveiling.

Rebranding a Forty-Year-Old Company (Click for Details)

Old Branding:

Old SR Logo

New Branding:


New Branding with Colophon:

New SR LOGO w: Tag Line

Sunrise- a full line card and gift offering within Barnes & Noble, The United States Post Office, Michaels, FTD, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Wegman’s, and hundreds of independent retailers. (Formats: Greeting cards, memo lists, pocket notes, mugs, gift bags, roll wrap, gift card presenters, memo cubes, stationery, and other paper-based and social expression gifts.

I was sent to Sunrise Greetings in Bloomington, Indiana to lead editorial while the transition of all offices and the transfer of all assets were made to Kansas City. (I lived in a hotel next to Honda dealership for 6 months leaving for only 2 weeks to get married.) Sunrise was a creative mess. What little engagement was left in the staff who were about to lose their jobs, was spent on working on résumés and not the work at hand. I used this time to develop a rebranding strategy for Sunrise once the transfer to Kansas City was complete. This was to take Sunrise back to its roots- a brand that focused on the hand of the artist. I implemented new card-backs, new logo design, new tag-lines, new style guide, and new editorial strategy to make this line, at its core, an alternative studio/gallery with bolder, fresher designs and very few “Greeting Card Formulas”.

I worked with my team along with an outside branding firm to create this style guide, a sort-of manifesto to give clear direction to where we were going and how to differentiate our brand from Hallmark. It also needed to be exciting and inspiring for all those on our team.


I implemented new colophons for our four signature artists on our card backs and included a new version of our logo with new tag-line.

CB.NewLOGO_Sandra[1] CB.Sunrise_caroline

CB.Sunrise_Dena CB.Sunrise_Ron

Here are some examples of our new retailer catalogs. Please note I personally directed and conceptualized 80% of the cards featured in the following catalogs in collaboration with my art directors and designers. These are NOT consumer catalogs and therefore they are very sparse in design and editorial. They are vehicles of utility.








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