My Creative Philosophy

A creative process is a creative process is a creative process. It’s been my experience having worked most of my life in creative fields, that leading a team through the murky waters of the unknown towards a deliverable due date, whether it be a toy, a card, a play, a concert, etc… requires the same things from a leader: a vision that can be clearly communicated, a strategic roadmap of actions that drive toward the due date, and space to let the team stretch their thinking. Of course, there are requirements from the team, as well: engagement, integrity, enthusiasm, and the ability to have fun.

My Golden Rule

Fall in love with your audience. 

If you can truly fall madly in love with your audience/consumer, then you and your team will learn as much about him/her/them as possible and deliver something that audience/consumer will truly value. If working with a client, find out why the client loves their audience/consumer. If they can’t put this into words, help them define and rekindle this romance.

Everyone Struggles With The Greeting Card Thing

Potential recruiters have struggled with the greeting card thing in the past and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. What is a greeting card? In my opinion, these little folds of paper are no different from advertising print. That’s not to diminish the role of the greeting card, but rather, raise the idea of advertising to the emotional and personal level of social expression. A greeting card answers the four consumer needs- To Acknowledge, To Affirm, To Nurture, To Self-Express.  In my opinion, these are  the constant needs of the consumer even beyond social expression.  In the marketplace these needs morph into: Acknowledgement, Affirmation, Sustenance, and Self-Expression. These needs, whether within social expressions or the greater marketplace, are best addressed with an economy of words that seem perfectly crafted for that one consumer, when, in fact, it is crafted to be universal.  I like to refer to this style as prismatic editorial; one light source goes in but many colors come out (i.e. one consumer may see red, another may see blue, and so on.) It is specific but universal. This is true of greeting cards, but also true of any really good marketplace editorial.

What Do I Bring to the Table?

I’ve had a fairly wacky and wonderful life filled with varied careers: Actor, Musician, Teacher, Loan Officer, Circus Clown, Greeting Card Writer, Editor, Playwright, Cook, Singer, Composer, Lecturer, Activist, Fundraiser, Publisher, and Production Manager. These careers are integrated into who I am as a professional and a person. I am at my most productive and satisfied when I am able to integrate my abilities and bring my left and right brain along for the ride. I like to think “outside the box” but value knowing the size, shape, color, and volume metric of said box before venturing outside its borders. I value those who are passionate and thorough in their work approach without taking themselves too seriously. I honor silliness. Above all, I enjoy meaningful work with committed teams of talented people who inspire me. Perhaps, in turn, I may inspire them.

  • Skilled and creative consumer product developer. Works with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative, relevant, and profitable consumer based products.
  • Strategic thinker highly skilled in consumer empathy and creative problem solving.
  • Innovative and creative director with proven track record of successful user experience across product formats, merchandising, digital media, interactive channels, e-commerce, and print & virtual catalogs.
  • Enthusiastic and active Arts Advocate
  • Natural leader with strong presenting skills and personable attitude.
  • Forward thinker with the ability to accept challenges with thoughtful prioritization.
  • Strong writing skills and great team motivator. Able to communicate with and inspire teams towards excellence in product and productivity.
  • Interested in creating superior consumer products and experiences


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Click Here to access my full editorial résumé

2 thoughts on “WHO IS THIS GUY?

  1. As a bona fide Canuck I thoroughly enjoyed your book, How to Move to Canada. May I be so bold as to point out two minor errors? Parliament is mispelled on p. 65, and you erroneously refer to Leonard Nimoy as Canadian-born on page 66. \you may have meant William Shatner instead.

    But I am being picky. 🙂 Congratulations.


    1. Tom-
      Thanks so much for reaching out. Glad you enjoyed the book. I was given no more than 10 days to write this book. (Crazy, right?) I’m surprised you only found those two glitches. I could point out at least 8 more. As far as Nimoy, I went back and checked my original manuscript. I didn’t indicate he was a Canadian, my publisher, however, did. Thanks for catching that one. Have a happy new year and thanks for checking out the book.


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