Engineering had come to the creative team with the idea of implementing  push button sound activation in cards. The previous creative team implemented this in a very simple way (i.e. the consumer pushes multiple buttons and various sound cues play). While these cards were purchased, consumer satisfaction was low. The experience was weakly interactive and the sense of delight was lacking.  My mission was to create cards that implemented this low-tech technology in a fun and interactive way. One big obstacle was, due to cost, the sound chip could only hold 15 seconds of recorded sound data. I could, however, have the engineer program the card to divide the 15 seconds into pieces and program the play function in an endless array of possibilities.  Here’s one very successful example. (By the way, that is my voice making all the “Moo” sounds.)

 948 136 

And this is how consumers reacted:

I went on to write, develop, and direct over 25 cards implementing this technology. For more examples, please contact me directly. 


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